GOGOcoin first KOO🥇

Oy oye new knights and long life fighters! Here is a royal announcement that will make you happy.

We will explain here, how this KOO (project sale) will take place on our lyscapital.io website⚜️

We have some great surprises in store for our loyal Knights for the upcoming battles.⚔️

Disclaimer:This is a special sale to thank our early knights. The next sales will be a bit different (More information will be announced next week)

Special event: The GOGOCOIN sale

What is Gogocoin?

GOGOcoin is creating the most user-friendly open source DeFi protocol for asset management and savings, and the first to enable segregated funds on-chain.

Gogocoin Sale Information:

  • Total allocation: $ 50k
  • Max allocation per wallet $ 500
  • Minimum allowance per wallet $ 50
  • Price per token: $ 0.2 per Gogocoin
  • Vesting: 30% TGE then the rest (70%) after 6 months

Valiant knights, I have the honor to present the 1st KOO💘 ( king official offering), for the Gogocoin sale.

This KOO is open to everyone🚪. To all wallets without distinction.

In common crypto parlance, this could be summed up as an “IDO without a whitelist.”

What are the rules of this KOO?

This is a fcfs (first come first served) type of sale. Without whitelist, without bot, without gas war. It will be a fight, the allocation will be given to the fastest. Since the arbitrum blockchain is almost instantaneous.

However, for a battle worthy of the name, you will need weapons.

What could be better than the $LYS token to beat the opponent?⚜️

Indeed, on your allocation the LysCapital platform will take a 30% cut of tokens from the allocation but you could reduce that to 5% !

How to reduce your fees ?

Get the native token of the $ LYS platform to reduce this percentage to 5%.

You will need a certain number of LYS, calculated in proportion to your allocation.

We recommend you to hold at least 350 LYS


If you don’t hold any LYS you will pay a 30% fee on your allocation

If you want to reduce that fee to 5% you will need to burn some $LYS

How does it work ?

So the concept is that you will have to burn a small amount of LYS worth of dollars to be able to get à 25% reduction.

Here is an example for you :

For a 500$ allocation you will need to burn 350 LYS which is worth around 50$ for this sale.

In other words, Gogocoin is sold at 0.20¢ so for 500$ you would normally receive 2’500 Gogocoin.

Now if you don’t burn any LYS you will receive 30% less of GOGOcoins so only 1’750 GOGOcoins.

Lys Capital takes a 5% to 30% commission but if you want to go down to only 5% you will have to burn some LYS.

So for a $500 allocation you will have to burn 350 LYS and you will receive 2’375 GOGOcoin with only a 5% (125 Gogocoin) commission that goes to the LYS DAO.

To make it easy for you we have made a chart of the amount of LYS needed to burn for the allocation desired :

  • $50 -> ≈35 LYS
  • $100 -> ≈70 LYS
  • $150 -> ≈105 LYS
  • $200 -> ≈140 LYS
  • $250 -> ≈175 LYS
  • $300 -> ≈210 LYS
  • $350 -> ≈245 LYS
  • $400 -> ≈280 LYS
  • $450 -> ≈315 LYS
  • $500 -> ≈350 LYS

During the sale you will have the choice between not burning and losing 25% of your allocation or burning some LYS to reduce your fees to only 5%.

Get your LYS and USDC ready for the Gogocoin sale on December 6th at 3pm.

Only on lyscapital.io !!

How will the next KOO (King official offering) take place?

The majority of our sales will be in the form of KOOs. This will be about rewarding the most loyal of our knights throughout the lyscapital journey.

In the LysCapital realm, the knights who have the most honor and glory will therefore have the most out of Lys..

Getting more $LYS will get you more benefits!

The next KOOs will therefore take place with a tier system.

For the greatness of our kingdom, and the construction of our future empire, LysCapital will offer our holders the best projects in the crypto world.

More details on this will be announced.

Lys is coming very soon, stay tuned⚜

Join the team of brave knights⚔

Our Telegram:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CapitalLys

“Pray🙏, fight⚔️ and invest💰” the motto of LysCapital



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