By investors for investors.

We are a team of investors passionate about cryptos coins and the opportunities they offer. We’re searching nights and days the vast universe of cryptos to find future gems.

We have noticed once gathered that after reviewing a lot of projects we were able to access private sales.

Here is the main goal of LYS CAPITAL, combine a community of investors with a Team of highly experienced researchers.

Invest in the best projects without knowledge or large budgets.

Union creates strength, Lys Capital brings you into exclusive pre-sales and other occasions, which were previously reserved for an insider circle.

We select royal projects for you, which combine revolutionary ideas and sovereign returns on investments.

Lys Capital is a 100% trustless and transparent platform.

Present on the Ethereum blockchain,
We have founded a DAO (decentralized autonomous organisation), which will involve all users by allowing them to vote and interact directly like a “state” like a “community”.

Vote will be with the governance token $LYS this is known as democratic monarchy.

Holding $LYS will also allow you to reduce your fees, earn rewards, stacking.

We will introduce you to our $LYS token and its tokenomics in the next medium post.

But stay tuned, it’s going to you ⚜️



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