Royal Tokenomics, for the kingdom LysCapital⚜️

Liquidity Mining Pool Eth/Lys

For our pools on uniswap, and sushiswap… This is an additional bonus for those who stack.

  • The same number of tokens is released every month for 2 years.

Why release the tokens linearly?

Throughout the coming projects, the LYS token will widely be used and its price will eventually be higher. It will therefore be more attractive for investors to provide liquidity. However, many more investors will provide cash flow. This will allow Lys Capital to stabilize and have more and more liquidity when its price increases.

- Development and marketing:

These tokens will be used by the team for the sole purpose of building/helping/developing Lyscapital in the coming years. The team is engaged to create a sustainable ecosystem

- Community: More information coming soon.

About LysCapital: LysCapital is the first launchpad to be released on arbitrum. It allows anyone to invest in the best projects, with a 100% chance of getting tokens.



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