The Royal IDO of the $LYS token ⚜️

The LysCapital kingdom market

Oy oy oy, great barons and other nobles⚔️. This is a direct announcement from the kings of LysCapital⚜️. I’m your counter and I’m happy to announce an event that the whole kingdom will hear🏰.
I’m going to explain to you today how the sale of the native tokens ($LYS token) of the LysCapital platform, will take place.

I want to remind you the information that was announced before:

How will the public sale of LysCapital take place?

When will it take place?

November 10th at 3PM UTC, remember this moment. You will be able to buy the first LYS tokens before anyone else. Be ready. We will send the link to buy LYS on our Telegram announcement channel: and on our community channel: .

How will it work?

The sale will take place in FCFS (First come first served). Which we will call “the race to the crown”. Arbitrum is the perfect blockchain for this kind of sale, cheap and ultra fast. The transactions are almost instantaneous. It will be the 1st one who launches his transaction and sends the money that will be chosen, who will receive the crown (the $LYS allocation).
This is the fairest sale possible: no whitelist filled thousands of times by the same people. No gas war, no bots. Only the most deserving get the allocation.

How much will it be?

The allowances will be limited to 700$ maximum and 100$ minimum per wallet.
Payment will be in USDC, and only USDC via the Arbitrum blockchain.
There will be a total of 5,000,000 LYS tokens for sale, or a total of 250 allocations, if everyone pays 700 USDC.
The price of a LYS will be $0.035 each, so you will get 20,000 LYS per filled allocation.
The total amount raised is $175,000.

The initial market cap at listing will be : 910,000$ . At the price of $0.035

How to prepare?

We have set up the 1st launchpad on arbitrum, and the 1st fcfs on an ethereum rollup as well. The use of this mechanism is still unclear for most of us. This paragraph is important, feel free to take notes.

  • First of all, as for ethereum or binance smart chain, you can use metamask for a simplified use.
    The Arbitrum blockchain is an EVM, so there will be no difference between using metamask on arbitrum or on ethereum.
    Here is how to add the Arbitrum blockchain to metamask:
  • Then, to participate to the LysCapital IDO, you need USDC on your wallet, on the arbitrum blockchain and some fractions of Eth to pay transaction fees. To do so, you have the choice between several bridges to send your funds (from eth, polygon, bsc, avalanche, and many others), to Arbitrum.
    Here are the bridges we recommend:
    - Official bridge: classic bridge, transfer of eth and other tokens. Good for your first transfer in ethereum ($ETH), to make your first transactions. But be careful, the withdraw until eth L1 is 7 days and you have to make your deposit from ethereum (high fees).
    - : bridge advised to add funds (USDC,USDT) once you have eth on your wallet. You can send from several blockchains like polygon and bsc, not only from ETH L1. Transfers are ultra fast, maximum 5 minutes.
    - synapseprotocol : good bridge to send some major tokens, and the possibility to withdraw eth in a few minutes, without waiting 7 days.
  • Once the funds are recovered, don’t forget to transform them into USDC, using the most famous DEX: and while being on the Arbitrum blockchain
  • You are finally ready to participate in the LysCapital IDO.
    You just have to be there as soon as the sale is open and be faster than the others.

⚠️We remind you that to use arbitrum you need ethereum (ETH) to pay the fees, you can see the cost of transactions here:

USDC contract on Arbitrum: 0xff970a61a04b1ca14834a43f5de4533ebddb5cc8

Token distribution:

The listing will take place a few weeks after the IDO. At the time of the listing: IDO participants will receive 20% of their token, then 10% will be distributed 2 months later, and the rest will be distributed to investors at 10% per month.

If you have any questions about the sale of LYS, please feel free to ask them on our Telegram:

About LysCapital

LysCapital is the 1st launchpad on the arbitrum blockchain (super fast and cheap blockchain, evm).
LysCapital allows everyone to invest in the best crypto-currencies before they come out, thanks to its redistribution system you are 100% sure to get an allocation by staking your LYS.

On LysCapital, everyone can participate in the public sales, however, carrying $LYS is advised as the platform takes between 10–30% fees on the tokens. Burning a certain amount of $LYS will allow you to lower this figure to 5%.

The proposed projects will not only be projects on the Arbitrum blockchain, but on all EVM blockchains. However, the PAD to participate in the sales will be linked to Arbitrum.

Lys is coming very soon, stay tuned⚜

Join the team of brave knights⚔

Our Telegram:


“Pray🙏, fight⚔️ and invest💰” the motto of LysCapital



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